Blackमेल Trailer Out: Irrfan Khan’s Quirky Style Of Taking Revenge Will Leave Everyone Confused

| February 22 , 2018 , 14:09 IST

Earlier, we saw a mysterious bare-chested Irrfan Khan in the teaser of the film Blackmail. Just a week later, the official trailer for the movie was released on Thursday. The two and a half minute trailer of the movie takes it to the next level, filled with quirky comedy.

The trailer of the movie shows the story revolving around Irfan Khan’s twisted revenge. The whole story starts when Irfan Khan finds his wife sleeping with a man.

Irrfan as Dev starts narrating the story of his cheater wife to his friend asking, “What should a man do in that situation. He should kill that man or he should kill his wife.” But, Irrfan comes up with another option of Blackmailing his wife’s boyfriend, played by Arunoday Singh without telling his identity and then the whole game starts.

While Blackmailing his wife’s boyfriend, Irrfan asks him for arranging some amount of money in favour of leaving him safe. Arunoday Singh starts managing money and asks his wife and wife’s father for money but they refuse him in a very outrageous way.

The tragedy starts when Irrfan’s wife asks for money from Irrfan. Thus, Irfan pays himself the money, however, he is left shocked when he didn’t get all the money.

Again his life takes a drastic turn when other people start blackmailing Irrfan’s wife and her boyfriend. The trailer of the movie will definitely tickle one’s funny bones. However, there’s a killing also in the trailer, so the film is fully packed with comedy and suspense.

Watch this quirky trailer of outrageous comedy here:

The film is directed by Abhinay Deo who earlier directed Delhi Belly and is written by Parvez Sheikh. Apart from Irrfan, the film also features Kirti Kulhari, Arunoday Singh, Divya Dutta and Omi Vaidya of 3 idiots Fame. The film is expected to hit the screens on 6 April 2018.