In Protest Of Casting Couch, Telugu Actress Sri Reddy Strips In Public

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| April 7 , 2018 , 18:11 IST

The recent times have witnessed women from all walks of life coming forward and raising their voice against sexual assault at the workplace. In an attempt to protest against casting couch and sexual exploitation in Tollywood, a Telugu actress Sri Reddy stripped in public.

The actress 'strip protested' in front of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce at Filmnagar. Reddy, who has acted in three films so far, has alleged that she was sexually exploited by various producers and directors. She was also denied Movie Artistes Association (MAA) membership.

She further alleged that people from industry demand nude pictures and videos from the aspiring actresses and even after sending many of those clips to producers and filmmakers, she still is struggling to get a good role in the films.

Calling herself a victim of sexual exploitation, Reddy said, "They see the videos and give no roles. They have even asked for live nude videos from me. That is the extent to which they go to take advantage of women who seek roles."

She stripped in front of cameras claiming, "This is the only way I can think of expressing my grief. If I have shown myself nude to several people in the film industry and despite that have got no roles, the only way I can protest is by going nude publicly."

Earlier, she had posted a Facebook post shedding light at the distress of young and aspiring Telugu actresses who fall prey to sexual exploitation at the hands of top filmmakers who prefer "imported" actresses from Mumbai over the local talent.

Reddy expressed her disappointment in the Telugu film industry and demanded a certain share for Telugu actresses in the regional films. "Why Telugu actors like me don't get a chance. They should give 75% chances to Telugu people in films," she said.

The actress has been now taken into Police custody. "She was there to lodge her protest. We told her to protest in a democratic way and not resort to such acts. She has not given any complaints regarding her allegations to police till now," a Police officer said.