Hrithik Roshan Starrer Super 30 To Have Revenge Element And Dangal Template

| July 29 , 2018 , 15:32 IST

The shooting of Super 30 has been wrapped up and Hrithik Roshan will soon begin shooting for the project with YRF that also stars Tiger Shroff in lead.

Anand Kumar ’s life is being made into a Hindi film, titled Super 30, with Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan playing the mathematician. Anand is the founder of the famous and successful ‘Super 30’ programme to train underprivileged kids for entrance examinations to enter the prestigious IITs (Indian Institute of Technology).

As per the media, the movie has a strong element of revenge that would keep the audience in the movie throughout. The movie will unveil a lot of facets as it nears the release.

A major chunk of Super 30 has been shot, the biopic has largely been shot and one hears just 20 per cent of the shoot is left. The movie will hit the screens on January 25 next year.

The movie is said to have a similar template as Dangal and is a roller-coaster ride of emotions backed by strong performances.   

A controversy erupted against the Super 30 founder and several students.

According to their parents, Anand has allegedly made some false claims. Reportedly, he had started the Super 30 programme in 2002 along with IPS officer Abhayanand, who originally started the Super 30 coaching classes in order to help and teach underprivileged kids, free of cost, to crack the IIT-JEE examinations.

But in the wake of some media reports, which have been circulating on social media, it turns out that Anand is being accused of deceit.

Reports were floating around in Bihar which suggests that Anand has claimed 26 out of 30 students from his programme made the cut this year, while apparently, only three students from his team have actually cleared the examination.

Anand got 10-12 students from Kota and introduced them to media stating that they were his students. A social media petition calling the biopic based on wrong facts and asking for the movie to be stopped has already received 2117 signatures.

Hrithik’s pictures from the sets as Annad selling 'papads' had gone viral, but Abhayanand says that’s anything but the truth about Anand's life.

He says, “I heard they are showing that Anand Kumar had a poor background and used to sell papads! His neighbour, who also happens to be his first cousin and worked with him, has gone ahead and told everyone how these reports are false. They have told news channels that Anand’s father had 20 bighas (acres) of land and they all used to stay together",  

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"Patna mein makaan garib aadmi ka nahin hota hai. His father was doing government service. Yes, his mother would make papads but they were for the family. Woh bikta nahin tha! So how can they show a different story altogether?” he added.

Responding to reports that suggested that Abhayanand was planning to take legal action against Anand, the erstwhile partner of Super 30 states hesitatingly, “I can’t tell you this right now. I don’t know because I haven’t watched the film yet. It will depend on what they show in the movie. If they omit me or show me in a bad light, it’s their prerogative. Until it comes out, I can’t do anything because the court will question me.”

With 80 per cent of shooting complete and the money being invested, makers are unlikely to stop shooting for the film and might worry only if the matter takes a legal turn.