Happy Birthday Rekha! The Evergreen Actress Turns 64

| October 10 , 2018 , 14:59 IST

From the time of her Bollywood debut in Anjana Safar to Super Nani, legendary actress Rekha has loomed super large in the national awareness. A woman who can’t be put into convenient boxes would always capture the imagination of millions. The beautiful lady celebrates her 64th birthday on Wednesday.

On her special day, we rewind back in time and rejoin some of the most interesting facts of her life.

Rekha Dreamt Of Becoming An Air-Hostess

According to media reports in an interview, Rekha said, "I never planned on being an actress. My parents were actors and travelled the world. I too wanted to travel and explore new facets of myself, so I thought I would be an air-hostess. But I was rejected being under-age. I grew up in Chennai, studied in a convent school with Irish nuns."

"I was completely fascinated by them and even wanted to become one. I was a loner. I would spend time in the chapel, day-dreaming. Even back then I was an artist by nature. I spent time in my own world, the one I created for myself. My favourite subjects were Moral Science, Art and Indian History and the Romance of Shah Jehan" she added.

Rekha's Beauty Secret

Further, she added, "It's no secret, really! I am a spontaneous person. There is no end to the fruits of spontaneity. I've always believed that I am an old soul, captured in a timeless body, not an ageless one. I don't give importance to physicality. Real beauty is what happens naturally when you don't plan for it. The minute you have to make an effort, or are conscious about it, it vanishes."

"You are a product of your environment. My mother created a nurturing atmosphere for us when we were growing up. She was a living example of a loving, simple and disciplined life. There were rituals and chores that I've been practising for the past 30 years, created my own individual space, re-taught myself her teachings. My beauty is merely her reflection" she also said.

One Line Which Changed Rekha's Life

Rekha also revealed in her interview, "Sawan Bhadon was the beginning of my list of blessings. Mohan Sehgalji was a father figure. He believed in me. I remember his first question to me, }Aapko Hindi aati hai?" and I promptly replied, 'No!'He just smiled and said, "Koi baat nahi, mujhey aati hai. Meri film ki heroin tum he ho!" That one line changed my life! To know that a veteran like him, saw the spark in a novice like me. It was a huge responsibility to live up to. Even today, I strive to live up to his and my parent's faith in me. "

'My Friends Used To Tease Me & Call Me Baby Elephant'

"As a child in school, I was called the clown of the class and buffooned around with my mimicry and had my family and friends in splits. That's how I first discovered this talent to make people laugh. I was a podgy child. My friends used to tease me and called me a little lotta or baby elephant. Though it hurt me, I chose to channelise it constructively instead of taking it personally," she also added. 

Rekha On The Best Compliment Given To Her By Amitabh Bachchan
In an interview with Filmfare in 2004 when the style icon was quizzed about the best compliment given to her by Sr. Bachchan, she replied, "Distance...that I'm eternally grateful for. Because then one would never have had the chance to explore heroine-oriented films. Living under the shadow of the supreme one would have been relegated to doing insignificant roles. And you know what? Ironically, distance is what kids today are constantly fighting for, demanding their "space". Well, I was the chosen one. It was given to me on a platter...and loads of it."