Happy Birthday Mani Ratnam: Exploring The Noted Director's Love For Romance

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| June 2 , 2018 , 17:15 IST

Each day in Indian film industry, a new filmmaker is born, flourish and is forgotten the very next day. Only the strongest and most-loved ones survive amidst the sky-high expectations of viewers and bone-breaking competition. Over the years, Mani Ratnam has proved his Mattel as an Ace director.

At the age of 62, the noted director is one of the finest jewels in the crown of cinema. With his awe-inspiring visualisation and heart-touching storytelling, the filmmaker has set the benchmark for romances too high. Be it his most appreciated film 'Roza' or the not so treasured 'Raavanan', all of his narratives were lit with blazing romance.

Having garnered greater appreciation in South Indian cinema, the filmmaker rose to fame in Bollywood with his 'Terrorism trilogy' - Roja (1992), Bombay (1995), and Dil Se.. (1998), which got him national recognition. His distinctive narrative of romantic relationships brought the true beauty of love to screens.

Let's have a look at three Mani Ratnam influenced Bollywood films which refined the depth of cinema:

Dil Se...

Shah Rukh Khan-starrer beautifully wove through the love story of an All India Radio executive and a suicide bomber. The film showcases an outstanding amalgamation of determination for not giving up on love and the love for the nation.


Based on a business Mongol's life, Guru is about the strength of relationships. As R Madhavan stands by Vidya in her dying seconds, Aishwarya stays by Abhishek when he is accused of fraud clearing conveying the true love shared between the characters.


Giving the viewers an idea of a modern Ramayana would have ended, Ratnam brought 'Raavanan' to cinephile. A story which portrays the villain as righteous despite his flaws. Aishwarya Rai (Sita) falls in love with Veera (Raavana) directing that love doesn’t seek your permission.