Gul Panag Kept Her Motherhood A Secret For Six Months

| August 4 , 2018 , 11:51 IST

Actress, pilot, politician and fitness goal-setter Gul Panag is a mother now. The actor who ventured into politics, unsuccessfully contesting Lok Sabha elections from Chandigarh gave birth to a baby boy six months ago. Panag and her pilot husband Rishi Attari chose not to publicise the news and hence kept it under wraps for six months.

Everyone was surprised when Gul revealed this in an interview on Friday. Gul and Rishi have named their son ‘Nihal’. An adorable picture of Gul Panag and Rishi Attari holding their son, all three of three dressed in the pilot uniform is going viral on social media. While Rishi Attari is a pilot with Jet Airways, Gul Panag too holds a pilot license which she cleared in November last year.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror about keeping the news a secret, Gul said, "Rishi and I have always valued our privacy. Becoming parents is a special experience and we decided that we'd like to go through it without the distraction of public attention. Family and close friends knew about Nihal but we refrained from posting anything on the social media. He is almost six months old and it has been a roller coaster ride!"

In the same interview, Gul Panag mentioned that Nihal had a premature birth. Gul Panag had married Rishi Attari in 2011. Nihal is their first child.