‘Fukrey Returns’ Movie Review: Choocha’s Enigmatic Powers & Side-Splitting One-Liners Steal The Show

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| December 8 , 2017 , 15:20 IST

Fukrey boys are back with the insane antics and tricks to tickle the viewers' funny bones in 'Fukrey Returns'. Much like a sequel to their 2013 blockbuster, the film has a similar set-up and storyline with a few changes here and there. Unlike the first part, comedy-drama lacks sense which surprisingly, works in their favour.

‘Fukrey Returns’ is the nothing but old wine packaged in a new bottle for viewers to bask in 2 hours and 15 minutes of mindless gags and enjoy some time away from the stressful and thought-oriented daily life. The funny ensemble of Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Ali Fazal, Manjot Singh and Richa Chadda maintains their hilarious comic timings.

The film starts with a review of what happened in the first film, followed by the much-anticipated release of Bholi Punjabi after spending a year behind the bars. The “innocent” lady is now broke and is in debt of a Delhi Politician Babulal Bhatia aka Rajiv Gupta, who got her out before the sentence completion.

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Bholi is now seeking revenge from the Fukrey gang who have no option but to run. However, they are unable to and instead enter a bigger mess due to their un-thoughtful scheme. New villains are not making their struggle any easier and Choocha’s latest power is creating havoc for our Delhi boys.

Amid the chaos, many developments were heart-touching. While the struggling musician Zafar has permanently joined the team, the gang's mastermind Hunny is cooking up other plans with help of Choocha's unexpected prediction to earn more money and to get rid of Bholi. Not to forget that not déjà vu but this time, it is 'Deja Choo' for both the audience and actors.

The great performance by Pankaj Tripathi as scheming college watchman will blow the viewers out of their minds whereas the terrific comic timing by the Fukrey boys makes the film worth it. Any maturity expected from the star cast in comparison to the last film won’t be entertained but that is exactly what makes it a perfect choice to spend your weekend on.