Fight, Nominations & Drama: See What Happened On 3rd Day Of Bigg Boss Season 12

| September 20 , 2018 , 15:33 IST

From the Jodi's Khan Sisters(Saba & Somi), Roshmi-Kriti and Saurav-Shivashish while from the singles Dipika and Srishthy landed into the danger zone as the first nomination concluded on Wednesday.

Sreesanth Vs Khan Sisters

Commoner Khan Sisters and Cricketer Sreesanth sturred into controversy after the Cricketer made a comment on the upbringing of the sisters on the 3rd day of the reality show Bigg Boss.

Jumping into the fight, Deepak Thakur said that these two sisters had no rights to speak so rudely to Sreesanth.

Day 3

The housemates woke up to the song Raita Phail Gaya. Deepak and his jokes left the Bigg Boss 12 contestants entertained. As Deepak made an attempt to speak in English, the other contestants burst into pools of laughter.

Bigg Boss announced that as the first task was cancelled, nobody is safe from nominations. Five contestants are called by Bigg Boss –Neha, Sreesanth, Srishty, Karanvir and Dipika – and asked to nominate some of the Jodis. They are first asked to choose between Roshmi-Kriti or Nirmal-Romil. The five unanimously choose Roshmi and Kriti as they seem as strong contestants to them.

As the first task of the Season 12 was cancelled, Bigg Boss announced that none of the contestants are safe. Further, he called five contestants to the confession room. Neha, Sreesanth, Srishty, Karanvir and Dipika were asked to nominate some of the Jodis. The five were asked to choose between Roshmi & Kriti or Nirmal & Romil. The consensus, however, came to Romil & Kriti as they seemed to be a tough competition.

Next, the singles were asked to pick between the Khan Sisters and Anup-Jasleen. The decision landed the Sabah and Somi (Khan Sisters) to the danger zone because of their unprecedented and fake behavior.

Moving further, Bigg Boss called the Jodis and asked them to nominate single contestants. The choice was between Karanvir and Dipika and Neha and Srishthy. The Jodis nominated Srishthy for her reluctant attitude and nonparticipative behavior while Dipika was chosen for her dominant attitude.

The Bigg Boss asked the Jodis whether they want to save Sreesanth and the decision came in favour of the Cricketer. By the end of the nomination process, singles Sabah, Srishthy and Dipika were nominated while from the Jodis, Roshi-Kritika and Shivashish-Sourav landed to the danger zone.

After being close to eviction, Roshmi got emotional and said that commoners will not get as much votes as the celebrities