Farhan Akhtar Assesses Kangana's 'Unsubstantiated' Accusation On Hrithik In Open Letter

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| October 8 , 2017 , 16:57 IST

The Hrithik-Kangana feud has reached the level where the end is still not in near sight. The controversy has shaken the Hindi film fraternity from the core, forcing celebrities to choose sides.

Many have kept their lips sealed in the entire matter but are irked with the media's judgemental response based on the one-sided statements. Having had enough of the controversy, another actor has written an open letter reviewing the case without bias.

Farhan Akhtar is one of the most versatile, unbiased and sensible actor Bollywood has ever seen. The degree of this controversy has forced him to break his silence and assessed the situation.

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In a long letter posted by Farhan on his official Facebook account, he admitted of finding the entire situation in "terrible taste". Apart from the victimisation in the case, he believes gender discrimination is another negative aspect presented by many.

Supporting his 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' co-star, Farhan wrote, "There have been cases where men have been stalked, harassed and falsely accused."

The actor has written the letter in "spirit of objectivity and fairness" while trying to validate the scenario. Without justifying any party's actions, Farhan has merely tried to shed light on some ignored facts which were there but ignored.

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During their "7 year long mutually agreeable relationship" Kangana had no proof of their couple moments apart from the picture she posted on the internet a few days back. The picture was used as the basis for her whole case.

Farhan wrote, "That picture was proved, beyond doubt, to have been manipulated. The actual image consisted of a group of friends including the man's wife (now ex-wife) standing together in a party. Why were the others intentionally cropped out?"

The actor presented many missed fact in his letter which is essential to the feud. Read the letter here:

Impressed by Farhan Akhtar's efforts, Bollywood director Karan Johar appreciated his words and even supported his quest for truth through a tweet. He tweeted, "Beautifully written Farhan....it’s important...it’s true!"