Director Sajid Khan Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Actress Saloni Chopra, 2 Others

| October 12 , 2018 , 10:31 IST

Adding on to the #MeToo movement which first originated in Hollywood with women coming out with their experiences of sexual abuse and has gained speed in India in recent times, Bollywood actress Saloni Chopra on Thursday accused director Sajid Khan of sexual harassment which she claims took place in 2011.

Apart from Saloni, actress Rachel White has also accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment, as has a journalist.

Race 3 actress Saloni Chopra shared her experience, and allegations against Sajid Khan in a post, claiming that the famous director wanted her to be a 'director's assistant' instead of an 'assistant director'.

"This goes back to 2011, when I had barely just moved to India properly and wanted to assist a director to learn more about film making, and my first ever experience, was the most awful experience of my life," Saloni wrote.  

"When I first started working for Sajid, he said I was a ‘director’s assistant’ and not an ‘assistant director’ which apparently meant that I’d have to do his work directly," she said.

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"Eventually, that turned into mental and emotional torture. For months, he mentally abused me and I would cry myself to sleep every night. He’d tell me I wasn’t sexy enough to be an actress. I didn’t have it in me, I didn’t have the ‘oomph’ factor. I talked too much. I didn’t sit properly. I wasn’t alluring or girly enough. Said he wanted to take me under his wing and make me an actress," Saloni said.

"This went on for a few months. The calls, the comments. This wasn’t about sex, it was about me being his little bitch and doing everything he told me to do. He’d name directors that keep actresses at their homes for months and thats just how this works," she wrote.

"He said he wants me to do everything he tells me to. Stay with him. No one would cast me unless I was ready to be their ‘keep’." said Saloni.

The #MeToo movement in India gained speed after actress Tanushree Dutta alleged veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her.