'Screw This Game Of Fairness', Daddy Vikram Bhatt Tells His Daughter In A Letter

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| October 11 , 2017 , 19:05 IST

Ever since the whole Nepotism debate surfaced, many actors and filmmakers have shared their opinions. People from Rishi Kapoor to Varun Dhawan have admitted that they might have it easy in the beginning of their career due to their legacy but much like others, they have worked equally hard to keep their stardom going.

They also reinforced that they had an added burden which the "outsiders" never face. While many have expressed themselves in the infamous debate, the latest name added to the list is filmmaker Vikram Bhatt who himself might not have had it easy but is willing to screw all rules for his daughter.

Bhatt's daughter, Krishna Bhatt is all set to direct her first web series '1921' and her father couldn't be proud. Worried that the ongoing negativity might dampen her spirits, Vikram wrote a lengthy letter for her on Facebook baring his soul to her and many others.

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He started the letter by explaining his meeting with Mahesh Bhatt after he expressed his desire to become a filmmaker to his father. Vikram can never forget the question Mahesh asked him, "Why would you want this thankless misery Vikram?" He had no idea then but now with 35 years of experience, he has.

Many filmmakers have debated that filmmaking is about education coated with entertainment though, Vikram doesn't agree. He firmly believes that "filmmaking is the business of entertainment" and should be strictly restricted to that. He preached his daughter for never thinking that she knows more than others because she doesn't.

Acknowledging the nepotism debate, Vikram informed his daughter that she should never run away from the fact and always remember that "nepotism will only give an opportunity and not success". Bhatt has got his success on the basis of sheer talent and not legacy and expects the same for his daughter.

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In an amusing statement, he wrote, "There will be some who will call you a product of nepotism and run you down. Don't try to pretend that you are not. You are the product of nepotism and that is fine. I have worked hard all my life so that you have it easier than me. If someone rues that, too bad! Screw this game of fairness."

Bad criticism often works as cold water on a filmmaker's hard work but the man has learnt from his own life experience that film critics "get paid to do a job" and "If they like everything it makes for boring reading". He emphasises that a true filmmaker should never "fall for that trap!"

While concluding his humble letter, Vikram informed his daughter in the business of showbiz, returning calls is very important, otherwise, people feel humiliated. Adding a pun to the end, he said that she can surely avoid her stalker's call. In the wisdom-filled letter, Bhatt wrote the essence of his entire journey and once again won many hearts.

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