Censor Board Hands Over 'A' Certificate To Ravi Jadhav's Nude Without Any Cuts

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| January 19 , 2018 , 17:30 IST

Ravi Jadhav's Marathi film 'Nude' garnered many eyeballs when it was rejected to be screened at the International Film Festival of India due to its explicit content. The film recently appeared for CBFC certification and passed the test without any cuts.

A special jury constituted to judge the film, headed by Vijya Balan happily handed over an ‘A’ Certificate to the National Award-winning director, who couldn't be any more delighted. Extremely pleased with the film, Vidya Balan was unable to stop herself from standing to laud the filmmaker.

Jadhav was jumping with joy when his film passed CBFC test without any cuts and shared his happiness along the lines, "Our film Nude received an ‘A’ certificate without any cuts!!! The entire CBFC special jury team headed by Mrs Vidya Balan gave us a standing ovation!!! Thank you, everyone, for your kind support."

During the entire rejection from IFFI fiasco, Goa's Entertainment Society Chairman and Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar has blamed the lack of CBFC certificate for the film's rejection from the prestigious film festival.

'Nude' revolves around the life struggles faced by a woman who is secretly working as a nude model in Mumbai. In the times where people are raising voice against the atrocities faced by women, the Jadhav's film has piqued viewers interest due to its unique and unconventional concept.