'Blackmail' Movie Review: Amidst The Tale Of Love And Deception, Irrfan Khan Shines

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| April 6 , 2018 , 19:02 IST

When has Irrfan Khan has failed as an actor? Exactly, Never! Despite the gusty storyline and multiple predictable instances in Abhinay Deo's dark comedy, the leading actors have performed with utmost sincerity but the film overall is bland and might lull you to sleep.

Imagine this, a man with a loveless married life, always looking for options to spend extra hours in the office and only leave for home when necessary. One day, he feels the need to re-ignite his dead relationship with his pretty wife and steals a bunch of roses from a cemetery, note the irony.

‘Blackmail’ film review: Infidelity has a price in this Irrfan-led comedy

With a bouquet of flowers in hand, the jolly hubby reaches home way before his general time and find his wife (Kirti Kulhari) in bed with another man. What would a common, sensible man do? Confront the culpable duo? File for divorce and claiming infidelity? Or worst, beat the lovers?

Not this man. Instead of breaking down, the deceived man decides to blackmail his wife's lover (Arunoday Singh), who by the way himself feeds on the mercy of his ill-tempered wife (Divya Dutta), into paying him his EMIs and basic household expenses. So thoughtful!

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Irrfan's blackmail, followed by a string of humorous jibes starts a chain of blackmails. In the game of beating his blackmailer, Arunoday's character entangles another character into the mess, Dev's boss (Omi Vaidya) - honcho of a toilet rolls manufacturing firm, who has his own moments in the film.

While each character played its own part with brilliance, Divya Dutta shined as a shrew who treats her husband worse than the garbage. Gajraj Rao's cameo as a fawning private detective also added an element to the film but nothing that could uplift the audience's dampened spirits.

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Sure, the film is about adultery and betrayal but the vulnerability established by Kirti about Reena and her state of mind won't let the viewers judge her. However, the judgemental lyrics of 'Bewafa Beauty' break the momentum. All in all, the flawed dark comedy doesn't match up to Irrfan's prowess.