Birthday Treat: Decoding Perfect Recipe Of A Rohit Shetty Blockbuster

| March 14 , 2018 , 15:41 IST

People criticise him for his illogical films but does he care? Exactly! Indian cinema works on certain dynamics but Rohit Shetty has never been the one to follow rules. Despite thousands of negative comments thrown towards him during the release of his films, their box-office collection is what matters.

Known as the money-making machine of Bollywood, Rohit Shetty celebrates his 45th birthday today and we are here to decode the typical recipe behind the making of his mass entertainers. Be it the Golmaal franchise, action-packed Singham or the romantic-comedy like Chennai Express, the ingredients remain the same.

  1. Bring a Superstar on-board

That's right! The most important requirement for a Rohit Shetty entertainer is a well-established actor with massive fan-following. When generally, it is the filmmaker's best pal Ajay Devgn who takes up the challenge, Shah Rukh Khan has been his latest favourite.

  1. Get a pretty lady

Who said the concept of eye-candy is outdated? Despite the leading actor doing the majority of work, which consists replacing body-double immediately after an action sequence is shot among other sweat-breaking tasks, he surely needs a pretty woman to romance on screen.

  1. Eye-catching locations

Colours and carnival, two things that always work for Rohit Shetty films. With eye-pleasing backdrop and picturesque locations, the filmmaker leaves the audience in a spiral of confusion about the actual existence of venue. But guys, it doesn't exist, period. Unless it's Goa, of course.

  1. Multi-starrer cast

Obviously, it's an Indian film and presence of a typical, mindless antagonist is unavoidable. Along comes an array of background actors, who only get work when Rohit Shetty requires them. Their work? Cracking occasional jokes and getting insulted by leading actor.

  1. Flying vehicles

The most important ingredient of the Rohit Shetty entertainer is nothing but flying cars, blasting and burning mid-air. No matter the scene's relevance for the storyline, there has been slow-motion action sequences with the backdrop of flying vehicles, fitting or not.