Bigg Boss 12: Karanvir And Romil Become 1st Contestants To Go In Jail

| September 22 , 2018 , 18:45 IST

The fifth day at the Bigg Boss 12 house witnessed the big task ‘Kaalkothri’. All the contestants were asked to unanimously nominate one Jodi and one single to spend some jail time.

Romil and Karanvir decided to nominate themselves. Romil, on one hand, said he doesn’t do much housework and should be nominated while Karanvir on the other said he is involved in too much work and should be jailed to get some rest.

Mostly everyone agreed with them and the two were nominated for the task. Bigg Boss, however, wasn’t pleased. He thought the jail was being taken too lightly and decided to nominate the trio for eviction.

The tag of the Chief troublemakers of the house still continued to be on Sabah and Somi's head. Not happy with Kriti and Roshmi's elevation as captains, the Khan sisters picked up a fight with Kriti. Kriti gave her a  perfect back off. The fight was enjoyed by all.

Sreesanth, the man who was seen abusing in the previous episode got emotional as he wasn't feeling well with his own behaviour. A few scenes down, Srishty also followed Sreesanth because she was also feeling under pressure.

Saturday and Sunday will see Salman Khan becoming a part of Bigg Boss and revealing who among Shrishty Rode, Dipika Kakar, Somi Khan-Saba Khan, Shivashish Mishra-Sourabh Patel, Kriti Verma-Roshmi Banik will be evicted.