Bigg Boss 12 Day 103: Guests Grill Housemates, Romil Gets Two Thumbsdown

| December 29 , 2018 , 16:25 IST

Jay Bhanushaali, Shweta Singh from Aaj Tak and Ex-contestant Vikas Gupta entered the Bigg Boss house in Friday’s episode.

Before the finale, Bigg Boss gave one more chance to the contestants to defend themselves from the allegations which had been put against them by the audience. 

Shweta was assigned to act as a moderator and Vikas Gupta and Jai Bhanushali had to give thumbs up or thumbs down to the contestant as per their choice.

Deepak Thakur was the first housemate to sit on the hot seat and answer tough questions. Vikas extended his support to him while Jay Bhanushali read out a few questions based on public perception.

He was questioned by Jay about how he always played the small town boy card to his advantage. Romil jumped into the discussion saying that Deepak was not exactly a village boy and was brought up in a city.

Sreesanth, who came next, was questioned by Vikas Gupta about his anger issues and why he uses his 'celebrity status' during arguments.

After an intense session, it was time for Karanvir Bohra to sit on the hot seat. Vikas Gupta stood against Karanvir and questioned his leadership qualities in the show. He was further blamed for his selfish behavior. 

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Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim was alleged that she hasn’t made relations with anyone expect Sreesanth. To this, she said she was proud that she made one relation in the house, and that is for the lifetime.

Romil Chaudhary was the last contestant to be called. Both Vikas and Jai opposed to his actions in the house and said he doesn't know how to maintain relationships.

He tried to explain but Deepak and Sreesanth felt that he was completely fake as far as the reality show is concerned. Both the guests also gave two thumbs down to Romil.