Bigg Boss 12 Day 101: Sreesanth Fights With Gauhar Khan, Deepak Thakur Wins Twice

| December 27 , 2018 , 15:15 IST

Bigg Boss 12 is in its finale week and contestants are doing their best to win the tasks. After Hina Khan and Juhi Parmar, Gauhar Khan entered the BB hotel on Wednesday.

Romil was made the in-house guest. Gauhar Khan asked Deepak for tea and Karanvir to walk bare bodied while other contestants would write words praising him on his chest. Romil commanded Surbhi to wax Deepak’s chest.

Gauahar asked Sreesanth to convince Dipika to give away her Nikah dupatta and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim’s jacket and put them in the storeroom.

However, he refused to perform the task leaving Dipika upset. Sreesanth lost his temper while Gauahar, Dipika and Surbhi Rana tried to cool him down. Khan handovers the star badge to Surbhi.

Aalisha Panwar aka Tara from 'Ishq Me Marjawaan' also entered the house with Dipika as her co-guest. Dipika instructed Deepak and Surbhi to do clown makeup on each other.

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Karanvir had to give Deepak a makeover like a television 'bahu'. He also had to do a strip dance for the guests. Deepak got the star badge from Aalisha.

At last Jasmin Bhasin entered the BB hotel and Surbhi was the in-house guest. Romil was asked to dress up like a girl and Deepak to sing while being inside the pool.

Karanvir was to propose Jasmine and Dipika and dance on the beats of the song sung by Deepak. She finally gave the star badge to Deepak.

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