Bigg Boss 12: Commoner Duo Saba Khan - Somi Khan Create Drama, Get Mocked By Sreesanth

| September 19 , 2018 , 14:15 IST

It cannot be said that what preparations celebrities and commoners have done for the Bigg Boss house. But Jaipur sister Somi Khan and Saba Khan seem to have entered the lavish house with a well chalked out strategy. It seems that they have followed the previous seasons of the show quite closely and are doing everything to grab eyeballs.

However, their act brought them the ire of two fellow housemates, commoner Urvashi and former cricketer Sreesanth on Tuesday.  

Somi and Saba are playing pranks, doing household chores, prancing around the house and in just two days, picking up fights. Yes, they have done so much already.

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The two sisters staged a fight with another commoner Shivashish Mishra. Mind you, the two were so good that the other fourteen contestants believed that the fight was real.

That was not all, on Tuesday's episode, they raised up the issue of dividing work responsibilities inside the house. The prank must have been for entertainment, but this one appeared to be a desperate attempt to carve an identity for themselves  The two sister also are aware of when to use their emotional card. In a fit of anger, when former cricketer Sreesanth pointed out how his upbringing is not like Somi and Saba, they were quick to highlight the unfair and opinionated behaviour of the cricketer.

So, for all those who thought it’s only the ‘vichitra’ couple  Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu, Somi Khan and Saba Khan are also starting adding much-needed masala to the show and we can say that they become the next Rakhi Sawant, Karishma Tanna Hina Khan of the show.