'Beyond The Clouds' Movie Review: Majid Majidi's Tale Of Hope Lacks Conviction

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| April 20 , 2018 , 19:28 IST

Ishaan Khatter is nothing less than a powerhouse of talent, a fact cinephile has established after watching his debut film 'Beyond the Clouds'. With an unconventional storyline, jaw-dropping sequences and heart-wrenching sibling bond, the film is a visual treat.

Ishaan is looking dirty yet determined, the leading lady Malavika is giving intense competition to his character. Unlike the typical Bollywood entertainer, the film narrates a heart-warming tale of a brother-sister duo from slums and how they deal with the difficult situations life throw them in.

Ishaan's character Amir plunges into drug peddling for earning big bucks through shortcut but post some kind of slip up, his benefactor-cum-sister Tara ends up in prison. Explores the intensity of poverty and crime, the emotional film takes the viewers on an extraordinary ride.

With AR Rahman's background score, the unusual film is barely convincing due to the Bollywood-styled drama sequences added every now and then. On one occasion, Amir who is working for a drug lord implores his sister to hide him from the cops and is helped by Akshi (Gautam Ghose).

Earlier taken as a gesture of friendship, Akshi soon starts demanding sexual favours from his co-worker Tara in return for the help he has offered for her brother. In an attempt to save herself, Tara ends up hitting Akshi, who lands in a hospital bed, hanging on a loose thread of life.

Tara is then taken into custody for attempted murder and is desperate to get freed whereas her younger brother is left to shelter a bed-ridden Ghose's family. However, his motive is to reach Akshi's bed through his family for getting his sister out of jail by blackmailing him.

Through their parallel journeys, both Amir and Tara grow significantly while fighting their inner demons. Anil Mehta's camera work has caught a humane side of the slums but several signature Majidi scenes are also present, which surely erupts sniffs and sobs from the viewers.

Ishaan Khatter has surely shined throughout the film with his acting dynamics whereas Malavika Mohanan has added her own element to the film. Despite the compelling performances, the film has failed to bring the unexpected aspect of life in slums, something which most were rooting for.