Amidst #MeToo, Emraan Hashmi To Include Anti Sexual Harassment Clause In Contracts

| October 11 , 2018 , 14:42 IST

Amidst India's own #MeToo movement, with various celebrities being accused of sexual harassment, Bollywood 'serial kisser' Emraan Hashmi on Thursday said that he will now be including a sexual harassment clause in his contracts. The clause will be applicable to his crew, and will safeguard women, while men will be forewarned to not cross the line.

After Tanushree Dutta renewed a decade-old sexual harassment complaint against Nana Patekar, the Indian film industry is undergoing a tsunami of sorts. With many famous personalities such as Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath and Kailash Kher, among others being accused of grave sexual misconduct.

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In an interview, Emraan said, “For some women, a mildly flirtatious remark could be tantamount to sexual harassment. Men are on tenterhooks because what is said in jest, can be misconstrued and one could be fried. In the circumstances, lying down a universal moral code on the film set, dictated by the government’s guidelines, is the need of the hour. This will safeguard the interests of women and men will be forewarned so they don’t cross the line.”

He also said, “In my company at least, it will include both male and female cast and crew members.”

Emraan Hashmi said that the #MeToo movement is a great start and it is the responsibility of men to protect women.

“In this scenario, this movement is a great start. It’s our moral responsibility to protect women who have been at the receiving end for way too long but while most of the voices are speaking the truth, along with devious men, there are devious women with agendas too, who can use it against a man who has ticked them off in the past,” Emraan said.

Emraan Hashmi is busy shooting for Soumik Sen’s Cheat India- the film talks about the education system in India. Cheat India is Emraan’s second production and the film is going to release worldwide on January 25, 2019.