Ali Zafar In Trouble: After Meesha Shafi, More Females Allege The Singer Of Sexual Harassment

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| April 21 , 2018 , 13:21 IST

Breaking the culture of silence despite being subjected to sexual harassment, multiple women have come forward recently to unmask the sexual predators lurking in their society and workplaces. Most of all, members of showbiz have faced the evil but kept mum, fearing the industrial wrath.

However, the ongoing #MeToo campaign has empowered the women to speak out against their abusers and get them punished for their sins. The initiative has revealed the true face of many bigwigs of the entertainment industry and the recent development suggests that another one is on his way to doom.

Known for his stints in Bollywood films like 'Tere bin Laden' and 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan', Pakistani music sensation Ali Zafar has been accused of sexual harassment of "physical nature" by singer-actress Meesha Shafi who describing the incident as "extremely traumatic".

She went ahead to reveal the shocking fact that unlike most victims, she wasn't harassed in her debut days but rather when she had established herself in the industry and was a mother of two children already. "This happened to be despite the fact that I am an empowered, accomplished woman," she affirmed.

Soon after Shafi's accusations, Ali "categorically" denied them, claiming that silence wasn't an option when his dignity and self-respect is on the line. He further mentioned about taking the matter to court for dealing with it "professionally". He also hinted towards a "personal vendetta" in Shafi's claims.

Despite Ali's denial, the fire ignited by Shafi was far from extinguishing. Taking courage from the original accuser, multiple other women accused the Pak singer of inappropriate behaviour, vulgar comments and sexual acts. They have shared their own experiences on social media.

Makeup artist Leena Ghani tweeted, "Ali Zafar’s behaviour shows a clear lack of respect for women. Inappropriate contact, groping, sexual comments should not fall in the grey area between humour and indecency. Comments that would make your skin crawl and make you feel objectified are not to be reduced to 'a joke'"

Using the word "sleazy" to describe Ali's hands and eyes, she added, "His hands don’t run up and down your waist or hold you too tight while you desperately try to wiggle and run. The memories of the times when Ali thought he could get away by saying vulgar things still disgust me."

Following Ghani, a LUMS Alumni named Maham Javaid lauded Shafi for her bravery and narrated an incident from "many years ago" when Ali "tried to kiss her cousin". Ali tried to "pull my cousin into a restroom with him. Luckily my cousin’s friends were there to push Ali Zafar off," she wrote.

While Ali is yet to issue any statement in relation to the fresh allegations, various other artists have come in support of the vocalist. Denying about taking sides, Actor Maya Ali has shared, she respects Ali for the person he is and wishes for the truth to come out.