Abbas-Mustan To Remake Korean Survival Drama 'Tunnel' In Hindi

| July 21 , 2018 , 11:41 IST

Director Duo Abbas-Mustan whose names are synonymous with the thriller genre has time and is ready to explore the suspense and thriller genre in Hindi Cinema.

The duo has collaborated with the makers of 2016 Korean survival drama Tunnel to adapt the movie.

As per media reports, Abbas-Mustan are intended to Indianise the adaption, making it an emotionally-charged movie,

“They want to begin the film this December. Once the principal cast is signed and the shooting dates are locked, they will make an official announcement along with a release date.”

Tunnel, a  film starring Ha Jung-woo, revolves around a car salesman who gets trapped into a tunnel when it collapses while getting a cake for his daughter's birthday. With only two bottles of water and his daughter’s birthday cake for sustenance, Jung-soo’s time buried in the tunnel is rough.

Level-headed task-force leader Kim Dae-kyung (Oh Dal-his) keeps him calm through phone, advising him to ration out the water and save the phone battery by turning it off except for once a day. Things are uncomfortable, but Jung-soo keeps his spirits up, unaware of the media circus above ground, where stage-managed photo ops with a government minister (Kim Hae-sook) make it clear the politicos are most concerned with their image, along with continuing construction on a neighbouring tunnel.

The film charts the protagonist's journey of survival with the help of a rescue team head. Tunnel earned the actor the 22nd Chunsa Film Art Awards for the year 2017 and won him over three nominations in the Best Actor category.

'Tunnel' works well precisely because it keeps the focus on a regular guy trying to get through an impossible situation. Political digs add piquancy, and there’s a sharp critique of the public’s limited attention span, yet the director of the movie  Kim inserts these elements without looking to galvanize viewers into rallying around social justice: he’s telling a good, focused story, with just enough depth to sustain the two-plus-hour running time.

The Abbas-Mustan duo last came together for Machine in 2017 which was the launch vehicle of Abbas’ son Mustafar Burmawala. The film featured Kiara Advani as his love interest.