Aamir Khan Plays A Round Of Chess With Champion Vishwanathan Anand

| May 23 , 2015 , 18:34 IST
Actor Aamir Khan, who has done a film around cricket and is now working on a movie on wrestling, hopes to feature in a project on chess, a game which he enjoys playing. The 50-year-old was present at the inauguration of the third edition of the Maharashtra Chess League here on Friday, which was also attended by world champion Vishwanathan Anand. Aamir and Anand were also spotted playing a round of chess. AAMIR MAIN On being asked if he'd like to do a film around chess, he said: "I would love to do a film on the game of chess if a script comes to me. But I don't work towards scripts. I like the scripts to come to me organically. Let's see if something comes up." Aamir added: "I love playing chess and play it whenever I gets the time. I play on a very amateur level but I love this game a lot." He finds his "Dhoom: 3" co-star Katrina Kaif to be a good competitor in chess. "She is a good chess player. I almost lost when I played with her," he said.

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