Know The 6-Year-Long Journey Of First Ever Fully-Painted Feature Film 'Loving Vincent'!

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| October 13 , 2017 , 16:42 IST

Filmmakers keep trying to adopt new methods of filmmaking for grasping the eye-balls of film lovers and the makers of 'Loving Vincent' have undoubtedly tapped one of the untouched territories by making world's first ever fully-painted feature film and acing the work, indeed.

The animated film recalls the final days of Vincent van Gogh before he died in 1890. The artist was known for this magical paintings and later got famous for the mysterious circumstances under which his soul left his body.

130 pictures of Van Gogh are sewn together to form the film’s backdrops. The film revolves around Armand Roulin played by the British actor, Douglas Booth puts his nose in investigating the mysterious death of an artist. The filmmakers wanted all the action to happen in the paintings that Vincent painted.

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The film was first envisioned by the British animator Hugh Welchman and his wife Dorota Kobiela who is a trained painter. She wanted to create a short film using paint as her source. The idea was simple where each artist was also asked to create an oil-on-canvas image and then move the paint twelve times.

As per the film aesthetics, in one second twelve frames are used and for an animated film, each frame is created. For 'Loving Vincent', 65,000 individual frames were painted with around 125 artists working hard during the film's production which took six years to complete.

Reportedly, each painting took about three and a half days to get completed. To dedicate the film to the artist, each of his crucial brushstrokes was recognisable in the painting used in the film. After the lead's scenes were shot two years back, the artists studied each frame before projecting the work on canvas.

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While Welchman and Kobiela were bringing his portrays to life, portraits of people who knew the artist in his final years were also brought to life. Van Gogh lived a rather interesting 37 years of his life where he struggled for sanity and cut off his ear before giving in to death.

Robert Gulaczyk has played Van Gogh in the film but was kept in dark throughout the film. The filmmakers though the film wanted to concentrate on Vincent's paintings rather than his craziness. By the end of the film, viewers can connect to the personality, Van Gogh was.

Vincent who painted for eight years of life without a break till his death has left a great impact on the world with his furious works. The film is a beautiful portrayal of Vincent's passion for art and takes the viewers on the journey where Armand tries to search for the reasons of his death.