'3 Storeys' The Escape: A Glimpse Of Ankit & Aisha's Fight For Love Disapproved By The World [WATCH]

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| March 4 , 2018 , 14:22 IST

Young love! So carefree and vibrant, far from the reality of life and tensions blanketing the individuals all around the world. When the adversities of survival strike in, most lovebirds break apart and are engulfed in the tedious routine of life.

Makers of '3 Storeys' have been bringing short glimpses of various storylines from their film, so different from each other yet tangled in a weird way. With each character fighting a distinctive demon, two young lovers planning to escape are no different.

Presenting a typical love story of two youngsters, who meet, talk and fall in love helplessly despite the various hurdles blocking their path to happily ever after. The families of none appreciate their relationship but their blind love doesn't acknowledge their worldly concerns.

To escape the clutches of societal narrow-mentality, they plan to run away but the question is, are they able to? The interesting 32-second teaser attracts the viewers to the intrusive affair of debutantes Ankit Rathi and Aisha Ahmed.

Earlier, two trailers giving an insight into other lead characters have also been released by the makers. The first one featuring Renuka Sahane and Pulkit Samrat showcases the former waiting for someone whereas the second one showcases Sharman Joshi and Masumeh Makhija haunted by their unfulfilled promise.

Co-produced by Excel Entertainment, 3 Storey also stars Richa Chadha in a pivotal role. The film slated to release on March 9, 2018, revolves around the tangled stories of various character with secretive pasts.