'Family Time With Kapil Sharma' On Hold, No Fresh Episode Will Air In April

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| April 11 , 2018 , 13:11 IST

Kapil Sharma seems out of sorts currently and the reason has forced the makers of his new comedy show to put 'Family Time with Kapil Sharma' on hold, at least for the whole of April. Having aired only one episode of the show, Kapil repeated last year's events and missed a shoot.

Notably, his other show went off air as he missed several shoots due to his health issues and mental disability last year and this time also, the comedian has cancelled an important shoot with 'Hichki' actress Rani Mukerji, which didn't sit well with the show makers.

One episode has already been aired which received more negative comments than positive by the viewers. Also, this weekend went by without a new one due to the cancellation of shoot by Kapil Sharma citing 'personal reasons'. So, makers have decided to give him a break for sorting out himself before resuming the shoot.

A source close to the production team told Indian Express, "We did not have a bank of episodes to air as the show had just begun. Also, his health issues or personal issues has been deviating his attention and focus from work. In such a scenario, it is better that we keep the show on hold for now."

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Clarifying about the duration of hold on the show's shoot, he said, "At least the whole of April, we aren't shooting. We will figure out the rest once he feels better. Right now, we want to him get better first. So that once he is back, he is completely devoted to work like he has always been."

Even the makers are aware that the first episode of 'Family Time with Kapil Sharma' lacked the punches and necessary humour despite the good TRPs. The source affirmed, "See the first episode of Kapil's latest show was nothing like its predecessor. It was a hotchpotch of too many things put in together for this 90s style game show."

He added, "It only did well on TRP charts as Kapil has a very ardent fan following and was going to be back on television after a hiatus of seven months. So naturally, his fans did watch their favourite comedian's new show but it lacked the punch that they expected."

While Kapil is yet to comment on the reports, he recently made headlines for his overbearing social media presence and abusive posts. He had also an extortion case against producers Neeti and Preeti Simoes, who were the creative directors of his previous show, The Kapil Sharma Show.