Maharashtra TET 2017 Results Declared, Only 6.5 Percent Applicants Pass

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| October 11 , 2017 , 16:39 IST

Maharashtra State Council of Examination (MSCE) declared the results of the Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) on Tuesday, showing that from the total 1,58,250 candidates, only 4.27 percent passed Paper I while 2.3 percent passed Paper II. Paper I is for those interested in teaching Classes I to V, while Paper II is for those interested in teaching Class VI to VIII.

The Maharashtra TET examinations which tests the maths, science and language skills of prospective and current teachers is compulsory under the Right to Education (RTE) Act which was applied in the state in 2013. As per a state government issued 'Government Resolution (GR)', teachers in aided schools have 3 attempts to clear the TET or stand the risk of losing their jobs.

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Despite the high stakes, the Maharashtra TET results have been increasingly dismal. In 2015, the pass percentage was around 4.6 percent, which rose to 5 percent in January 2016. While the pass percentage is certainly on the rise, in perspective of the 100 percent of applicants, 6.5 percent is still a dismal statistic.

To pass the TET examinations, candidates are required to secure minimum 60 percent, after which their teaching certificates will be valid for 7 years. Even if a candidate holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B Ed) and a Diploma in Education (D Ed) they would not be eligible for a permanent teaching job without clearing TET.

The consistently poor results indicate either a high difficulty level of the examination, too strict checking or substandard quality of candidates.

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Regarding the low pass percentage, commissioner of MSCE Sukhdev Dere denied that the paper was tough, saying that it required rational thinking, not rote learning.

“We are used to taking exams based on a fixed syllabus and rote learning, but TET is not a memory test. These are multiple-choice questions and the subjects covered in Paper I are from Class I to XII, while for Paper II it is Class 1 to graduation,” he said to media.

“We have questions based on the application of knowledge and child psychology, as the exam is meant to gauge if the candidates are fit for teaching. It is meant for both aspiring teachers and those currently teaching on a contractual basis and looking for permanent posts. Though the paper was not tough, passing it wasn’t easy either,” he added.