For The First Time, IIT Kanpur Suspends 16 students For 3 Years On Charges Of Ragging

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| October 10 , 2017 , 13:09 IST

The practice of ragging is banned in campuses across India, but despite the efforts of the government and interventions by the Supreme Court, ragging still continues at large numbers of institutions, albeit in a toned-down manner.

However, 30 junior students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur have filed a complaint with the dean of students affairs against 50 seniors alleging thrashing, abuse and being forced to do 'inhuman acts'.

In the wake of the complaint, IIT Kanpur has for the first time suspended 16 students for a period of 3 years and 6 other students for a period of one year after they were found guilty of ragging the juniors.

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The decision was made by the Senate of IIT Kanpur, the apex decision-making body of the institute during a meeting on Monday night after it was revealed that the third-year students in the guise of ragging made their juniors strip and do objectionable acts to each other. The 'ragging' was recorded on cell phones and later circulated on social media.

An anti-ragging committee inquiring into the incident had identified 24 senior students having been involved in the incident and had recommended that the students be terminated from the course and a police complaint be registered against them. However, the institute opted for suspending the students, effectively 'expelling' them for the duration of the suspension.

Dr Manindra Agarwal, the deputy director of IIT Kanpur, said that the 16 students were expelled for 3 years as the charges against them were “extremely serious”.

The suspended students will not have a right to appeal for mercy during the expulsion period and can only appeal after they complete the period of suspension, after which they would be allowed to take admission in their respective courses.

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Apart from the suspended students, the president and other office bearers of the student gymkhana have been removed from their posts for allegedly ignoring the complaints of the junior students.

According to a study funded by the University Grants Commission last year, 40 percent of students face some sort of ragging but only 8.6 percent report them. While some forms of ragging are relatively harmless and only embarrassing for freshers who are made to sing, dance and recite dialogues, ragging often becomes traumatic physically and mentally.