CBSE Allows Use Of Computers To Write Board Exams For Students With Special Needs

| March 1 , 2018 , 17:23 IST

Central Board of Secondary Education has released an official document on Tuesday, permitting the use of computers for candidates with special needs in the upcoming Class 10th and 12th Board Examinations 2018.

As per the circular, candidates who have been certified by medical practitioners, qualified psychologists would only be allowed to use the facility in the examination. The circular also provided instructions for invigilators, computer teacher and for the Centre Superintendent.

The CBSE guidelines are as follows:

1. Use of computer shall be limited to only for typing answers, for viewing the questions in the enlarged font size, for listening to the question items. The concerned candidate shall bring his / her own computer or laptop duly formatted and the Centre Superintendent shall allow such candidate after an inspection by the Computer teacher and the same teacher may do the monitoring of the use of the computer. CS may compensate for the loss of time if any and record the same.

2. The computer/laptop brought by the candidate will not have any internet connection so as to maintain the sanctity of the examination.

3. The candidate shall use the computer/laptop for the purpose for which permission has been taken.

4. Such requests along with a specific recommendation by the registered medical practitioners / qualified psychological consultants shall be sent to the Centre Superintendent (CS) by the candidate through school. Concerned CBSE Regional Office, will examine the case based on merit and obtain CBSE HQ approval or otherwise based on merit and documents.

5. Print out of the answer written by the candidate using the computer will be arranged by the Centre Superintendent and each page of the print will be signed by the Invigilators, Computer teacher, Centre Superintendent.