Virat Kohli Says My 'No Longer Friends' Comment Blown Out Of Proportion

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| March 30 , 2017 , 11:37 IST
Virat Kohli Water Boy India captain Virat Kohli claimed his comment on friendship with the Australian team was "blown out of proportion" and he continues to be on good terms with a few cricketers on the team. At the end of the four-match series, which India won 2-1 following victory in the Dharamsala Test, Kohli had said that his views on friendship with the Australians have changed. "No, it has changed for sure. I thought that was the case but it has changed for sure. As I said in the heat of the battle, you want to be competitive but yeah I have been proven wrong. The thing I said before the first Test, I have certainly been proven wrong and you won't hear me say that ever again," Kohli said during an interview after the match. ALSO READ:Know Why Virat Kohli Doesn’t Consider Australian Cricketers His Friends Anymore However, the young captain, in a series of tweets,clarified that his comment was not meant for the entire Australian team. "My answer at the post match conference has been blownway out of proportion. I did not categorically say the whole Australian team but....," . Have a look at his tweets: Kohli made it clear that he has his differences with only a few Australian cricketers, but he still remains on good terms with rest of the players that he played with in IPL, for his team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). He wrote his "no-longer friends" comment has been misinterpreted and he never meant it for the whole Australian team! Even Brad Hodge, a former Australian cricket took to twitter today to apologise to Virat Kohli, regarding his mean comments for the Indian Captain. [Click to read the story] ALSO READ: ‘I Am Deeply Apologetic…’ Brad Hodge Writes To Virat Kohli, India Through Twitter Brad Hodge had raised questions on Kohli's priorities as a cricketer when he decided he won't play the final match of the Dharamshala test series, after his injury. But later, Hodge said sorry and clarified that he meant no harm to his pride or reputation. Virat Kohli had one two many instances with Australian players and also the media that trolled him, though he stayed calm but the hostility could be sensed. Now, after both parties have kept their point that no one had any bad intentions, let's hope two of the greatest Cricket teams can now find each other amicable.