The Unbeatable Sachin: In Cricket AND In Tamil

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| October 24 , 2017 , 19:26 IST

The legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar has proved throughout his career that beating him on the field is very difficult. Ace bowlers like Wasim Akram, Allan Donald or even Glenn McGrath never stood a chance against him.

In his 24-year-old cricket career, Sachin has always believed in studying their opposition thoroughly, never letting his success getting in his way. His habit of looking into every aspect of life with interest is what made him the Master Blaster.

While playing international matches and making centuries, Sachin never left his roots and made sure to learn something out of his every experience, irrespective of it being sweet or bitter. His domestic matches also helped him in getting closer to our culture.

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The former cricketer reached the launch event of journalist Rajdeep Sardesai's book 'Democracy’s XI The Great Indian Cricket Story' in Mumbai. Tendulkar shared an interesting story of a domestic match against Tamil Nadu on the event.

Out of the many popular names present at the event, former India cricketer Hemang Badani was the only one to seize the moment in form of a video, which he later uploaded on his official Twitter handle.

Sachin recalled, "I still remember since we are talking about language, we were playing against Tamil Nadu in Mumbai and the ball started reversing. They had changed the ball and I stood two feet outside the crease just to disturb the bowler's length."

"From point Hemang Badani said something to the bowler. He said, 'munnadi, munnadi' (forward) failing to understand that I had spent around good 15 years with the Indian team with guys from Chennai in the dressing room. I understand little bit," he added.

"So 'munnadi and pinnadi' (forward and backward) I would constantly be altering my stance because I could follow what Hemang was telling the bowler and do exactly the opposite. So sometimes it works to your advantage," Tendulkar concluded.