Sachin Tendulkar Denied From Speaking In Rajya Sabha, Uses Social Media To Share His Message

| December 22 , 2017 , 17:04 IST

Cricket Lord Sachin Tendulkar, who is an honourable Member of Parliament had a great speech prepared to deliver in Rajya Sabha during yesterday's session. However, the legendary cricketer was interrupted by shouting Congress ministers.

Instead of getting disheartened, the former player took his heartwarming speech to Facebook and made the nation hear his well-thought message concerning the lethargic youth and impending doom of sports in the nation if the youngsters are not given "freedom to play".

Imploring the nation to establish a "healthy and fit India", Sachin put his vision forward in a lengthy Facebook live video. Being a sportsman, Sachin has expressed his will to transform the nation into a healthy country through sports as "unhealthy India is a recipe for disaster".

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Earlier the Master Blaster has conveyed about his dream of "transforming India from being a sport loving nation to a sport playing nation" and reiterates the same through his video message. Time and again, Sachin has stated that for the developed nation, fitness should be the topmost priority.

Tendulkar started his speech by thanking his father for supporting his dream and went to talk about the various issues the country is facing today. However, he highlighted that this topic of concern has remained "sports, health and fitness of India".

Warning the youth to refrain from being swayed by the reports stating that  "India is set to emerge as the youngest average age nation in the world by 2020" and rather think about rectifying the situation of 75 million diabetic Indians, a situation which is leading the nation towards obesity.

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"Sports produce social harmony. President Nelson Mandela’s efforts to use the Rugby World Cup in South Africa’s journey to become an inclusive state is legendary. Sport has a unique way of building a nation. It builds characters for individuals, and characters for individuals are characters for India," Sachin said.

Lauding the female athletes making India proud on the global level, Tendulkar added, "Daughters of India have shown what they are capable of with champions like PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Sakshi Malik, Mitali Raj and the list goes on and on. When the dreams don’t discriminate, then why do we."

Urging the people to build sports culture in India, Sachin concluded, "‘Sports can create hope, where once there was only despair,’ said Nelson Mandela. Each child should get the right to play a sport at school. Parents have always asked their kids if they ate, studied well. It will be the biggest day for me when they start asking if their kids played during the day or not along with the other two things."