Sachin Tendulkar's First Encounter With Chinese Food Was Spoilt, Courtesy His Friends

| October 22 , 2017 , 17:22 IST

The legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar's love for food is not hidden from the world. He has admitted to being a foodie and finding pleasure in trying exotic cuisines on various occasions but his first experience with Chinese food was not so memorable.

It was not until the age of nine that Sachin tasted the Chinese food, that too due to its growing popularity in the 1980s. Recalling his experience, Sachin mentioned about making a plan to try the cuisine with his colony friends, which didn't end well.

"We each contributed 10 rupees–which was a lot of money for me at that time–and I was excited about trying something new," says Tendulkar. His experience was spoilt when the Master Blaster realised that he was the youngest one in the group.

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Sachin said, "In the restaurant, we ordered chicken and sweet corn soup as a starter. We were sitting at a long table and by the time the soup travelled to me at the far end, there was hardly any left. The older members of the group had finished off most of it, leaving very little for us younger ones."

Adding further to his disappointing experience, he said, "The same thing happened with the fried rice and chowmein and I barely managed to get two spoonfuls of each. The older boys had a great evening at our expense, but I returned home hungry and thirsty."

The incident was mentioned in a new book called 'Chase Your Dreams' which is a children’s version of his autobiography 'Playing It My Way'. The book's publisher, Hachette India stated that the new version tells the cricketer's life experiences through simple prose, call-outs, inspirational notes and comic visuals.

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The book is titled on the inspiring statement told by Sachin's father to him. Recalling it, he said, "My father set me free at the age of 11 when he told me 'Chase your dreams' but make sure you don’t find shortcuts to them."

Recently, a film based on the legend's life was released called, 'Sachin: A Billion Dreams', which received a great amount of appreciation from all around the globe. People irrespective of their age were drawn towards him after watching the film. Sachin has contributed equally to the making of the film by baring his soul to the director, James Erskine.