Reports Of Infidelity, Domestic Abuse Are False, Says Mohammed Shami

| March 7 , 2018 , 13:19 IST

The recent allegations by the wife of Mohammad Shami against the Indian cricket team's regular pacer shocked his fans to the core. Married to Shami since 2014, Hasin Jahan accused the cricketer of infidelity and domestic abuse.

Shami has now come forward to clarify the reports suggesting that he tortured his wife mentally and physically as 'false', adding that the rumours further conveyed that it is a conspiracy to defame him and negatively affect his game.

A tweet posted on his official Twitter account, if roughly translated reads, "All these news reports about our personal lives are completely false. This is a big conspiracy against us and there is an attempt to malign me and harm my game."

According to an India TV report, Shami's wife has been facing domestic violence for the past 2 years. Jahan further alleged the player of having multiple extra-marital affairs, a proof to which she uploaded on Facebook through several pictures and chat screenshots.

The account bearing the name of Hasin Jahan is not verified though. She has further claimed that along with Shami, his family members also torture her mentally and physically but the fear of her daughter's future, she stayed mum.

The obscene chats which were found by Jahan on Shami's phone just acted as the nail to coffin for her, prompting her to take legal action against the pacer. She also mentioned about asking the cricketer to let her accompany him on Dharamsala tour, which he refused.

An India TV report quoted her saying, " I asked Shami to take me to Dharamsala along with him but he refused. He even called me from there and abused me. He is having multiple affairs. Wherever the Indian team travels, a guy named Kuldeep supplies girls to him."

After making a significant contribution to India's praise-worthy performance in South Africa, Shami is playing in Deodhar Trophy as a member of India A squad in Dharamshala. Surprisingly, the Facebook account which started the entire controversy has been deactivated.