Rahul Dravid Criticises Virat Kohli For ‘Rock Star’ Image

| October 30 , 2017 , 17:21 IST

Indian cricket fans seemed to have evolved since the time Virat Kohli took over the captaincy. The team’s recent successes are clearly being attributed to Kohli’s aggressive strategy. In a time like, former cricketer Rahul Dravid made a comment regarding the matter. According to him, the game is all about performance.

Attending the Bangalore Literature Festival on Sunday, 29 October, Dravid made a clear jab against Kohli. He said that matches can be won even by players who don’t have tattoos on their sleeves, a report by Times of India reads. Things like “on-screen macho,” and a “rock star image” won’t help “anyone” achieve a continuous winning streak, Dravid added. 

The legendary cricketer has been awarded the title of, “The Wall,” for his unbeatable batting techniques on the pitch. He further went on to say that Kohli comes across as “outrageous” at sometimes. He feels “cringe” while reading some of the statements he makes right before a series. Dravid, however, concluded his statement by saying, “But, if he can bring the best out of himself by needling the opposition, so be it.”

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Rahul was being interviewed by journalists, Rajdeep Sardesai and Prem Panicker. The session was titled, “Indian Democracy XI.” Dravid went on to admit that he won’t ever be like Virat, especially with the tattoos. His conversation took an in turn when he began defending the young skipper. 

“We want a little bit of lip on the field,” Dravid added. Sardesai tried to put Dravid in a spot on many occasions all throughout the session. The journalist asked him what he thought about players like Virat and Dhoni becoming more powerful than the game itself. He also went on to ask him about the recent elimination of Anil Kumble as the team’s coach. Dravid replied to this by calling it an “unfortunate situation.” 

He referred to Kumble as “legend,” and said that India has won the highest number of matches under him. He feels that it is a common thing for coaches to get sacked the way Kumble did. Dravid, who is currently the “Under-19” coach for the Indian team, feels that even he may be sacked anytime.