Ball-Tampering Scandal: David Warner Breaks Down While Apologising For 'His Part'

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| March 31 , 2018 , 13:24 IST

The unfortunate incident of ball-tampering by Australian players has brought a forward an unseen face of cricket to the world. Known as the most efficient and ethic-driven cricket players, Aussies were left ashamed over their stunt for gaining an unfair advantage in a game.

After former skipper, Steve Smith and incident's main culprit, Cameron Bancroft, former vice-captain David Warner came forward to apologise for playing a significant part in the scandal. Throughout his tearful beg-pardon, the left-handed opener reiterated of taking "full responsibility for his part".

During his emotional address, Warner stated that he has "resigned to the fact" that he may never play for the country again. The regretful player stated, "I have only wanted to bring glory to my country through playing cricket," and the incident shattered that dream.

The player confirmed that he will regret his decision "for as long as he lives". Apart from being deeply sorry for his actions, Warner is looking forward to doing some soul-searching in the coming months and might "seek out advice and expertise to make serious changes".

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While looking for a possible appeal to earn back the respect of Australians, Warner admitted, "I will continue to sit down with my family and weigh up all my considerations before I make any decisions," adding, "I failed in my responsibilities as vice-captain of the Australian cricket team."

However, all the hope doesn't seem to have vanished for Warner. "I suppose there is a tiny ray of hope that I may one day be given the privilege of playing for my country again, but I am resigned to the fact that may never happen," he affirmed.

David Warner and Steve Smith have stepped down from their respective positions as Captain and Vice-Captain of Australian cricket team. The duo has also been banned for 12 months each from International cricket whereas Bancroft has been handed a 9-month ban.

Cameron Bancroft was seen tampering with the ball on-field with a yellow sandpaper-like object. The umpires saw him fiddling with the ball using a foreign object, following which, Bancroft tried to hide the yellow object in his underwear but unluckily, the action was caught on camera.