YouTube To Update Its Kids App With Handpicked Videos By Curators

| April 7 , 2018 , 18:26 IST

YouTube is planning to release a new version of its "YouTube Kids" app that gives parents the option to turn off algorithmically recommended videos and only display those suitable for children handpicked by a team of curators.

YouTube Kids is a family-friendly version of YouTube which aims at children and young minds. This app has drawn a lot of flak recently for exposing children to disturbing content such as cartoon shows and other seemingly harmless content on the platform, alongside wrong information and fake news.

To overcome this threat, YouTube is reportedly planning to release an updated version of this app which will only suggest videos from channels which will be handpicked by a team of human content curators. YouTube Kids App will allow parents to turn off algorithmically recommended video.

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A source revealed that the new version of the YouTube Kids app will bring two major changes. The App will only suggest videos which have been approved by a team of human curators at YouTube and second, it will do away with algorithm-based suggestion tools in its entirety.

The ‘safer’ YouTube Kids app backed by human smarts will exist alongside the regular YouTube Kids app, and parents will have the choice to select any of the two versions. Sources revealed that YouTube is planning to partner with science channels to educate children about fake news on its platform.

The new whitelisted YouTube Kids app move appears to be a natural extension of the company’s vision. The source further revealed that the updated YouTube Kids app could be released in the next few weeks.