US Based Startup Sues Apple Over Infringing Patented Heart Rate Sensor Technology

| April 7 , 2018 , 17:15 IST

A US-based start-up, Omni MedSci has filed a lawsuit in Eastern Texas District Court against Apple Inc. for infringing patented heart rate sensor technology in Apple watch after reviewing patent-pending specifications with Omni's founder and CTO Dr Mohammed N. Islam on Friday. 

The company claimed that it had patented concepts over the technology used to measure and monitor physiological attributes which Apple aped in subsequent years without paying for it.  

In the lawsuit, the start-up said that it met with Apple from 2014 until 2016 but ultimately the company broke off discussions about a partnership, then introduced technology using its approach.

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"Invented by Islam and assigned to Omni, U.S. Patent Nos. 9,651,533 and 9,757,040 were granted in 2017, while U.S. Patent Nos. 9,861,286 and 9,885,698 were issued in 2018." The lawsuit reads the following patents. 

Each patent refers to a wearable device that uses a light source, in some cases, near-infrared LED arrays, alongside a receiver to capture non-invasive blood measurements. 

Apple Watch uses similar technology to obtain the heart rate of its wearer. 

"The lawsuit further notes Greg Joswiak, Apple Vice President of Product Marketing in an email dated July 14, 2016, that invited Islam to discuss the pending technology with a team at Apple,"AppleInsider reported.