UP: Man Arrested For Operating Fake Branch Of Karnataka Bank In Ballia

| March 29 , 2018 , 17:28 IST

Police arrested a man on Wednesday for operating a fake branch of the Karnataka Bank in Mulayam Nagar locality in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh. Identified by the police as Afak Ahmad, a resident of Badaun, Ahmad claimed his name was Kumar Kambale.

Police said that they recovered fake papers, three computers, a laptop, 184 passbooks and Rs 1.37 lakh cash deposited by locals. The fake branch was allegedly running for over a month, reported Times of India.

According to reports, a raid was carried out at the location where the fake branch was operational. Ahmad was arrested from his chamber in the fake branch.

While providing details of the matter Circle officer Hitendra Krishna said to TOI  "Afak Ahmad, a resident of Badaun, was arrested for operating the fake branch of Karnataka Bank in Mulayam Nagar area of Fefna town. He identified himself as Vinod Kumar Kambale, a resident of Vikhroli East, Mumbai, and posed as manager of Karnataka Bank."

The officer said Ahmad took a portion of a house on rent and opened a fake branch of the bank there. He then opened accounts of locals who deposited Rs 1.37 lakh.

The police claimed Ahmad took applications from people for setting up a ‘franchise’ of the branch in a rural area. For the franchise, he used to demand Rs 60,000 from applicants. It was this act of his that may have led to someone tipping off Karnataka Bank officials.

Krishna added that Karnataka Bank assistant general manager BBH Upadhyaya, along with other officials, came to Ballia and informed police that a fake branch of the bank was being operated in the Mulayam Nagar area. The bank officials took the step when Ahmad failed to produce the papers they asked for.