UK Fines Facebook £500,000 For Cambridge Analytica Data Breach

| July 11 , 2018 , 15:21 IST

United Kingdom's data protection watchdog on Wednesday announced a fine of £500,000 on Facebook for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It is the biggest penalty imposed on any social network under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are points of investigation since February when it was revealed that an app was used to harvest the data of 50 million Facebook users across the world to help political parties have an edge during elections.

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The ICO's (Information Commission officer) action comes 16 months after it began a probe into political campaigns' use of personal data during the Brexit referendum campaign.

Over the period, it emerged that Facebook had failed to ensure that a London-based political consultancy - Cambridge Analytica - had deleted personal data harvested about millions of its members in breach of the platform's rules.

Before its collapse, Cambridge Analytica insisted it had indeed wiped the data after Facebook's erasure request in December 2015.

But the ICO said it had seen evidence that copies of the data had been shared with others.

"This potentially brings into question the accuracy of the deletion certificates provided to Facebook," it said.

Facebook Inc on April 4 had that confirmed data leaks of personal information of its users with political analyst firm Cambridge Analytica is estimated at around 87 million people with 5.6 lakh users from India.

(with inputs from IANS)