Uber Lite: Slimmed Down 5MB App Built In India, Designed For The World

| June 12 , 2018 , 17:20 IST

After Facebook, Twitter and Skype, Uber too has announced its slimmed down ‘lite’ version for the Indian market. Uber lite takes only 5MB of space; this app has been announced keeping in mind the data conscious android users. The app was unveiled by Peter Deng (Head of Rider Product) and Manik Gupta (VP & Head of Product).

As of now Uber lite will be available for Jaipur, Hyderabad and Delhi markets only but will soon expand to other major cities in the country. Market experts suggest that this app, aimed at developing markets will soon be made available in other countries as well. The app is also being seen as a response to Ola, Uber’s biggest rival in India. Ola had released its own 1 MB Lite app in 2017.

The app has been built in India and is designed for the world. As per the company users will be able to request a ride, even when they are on the 2G network.

“Uber Lite takes up less space than 3 selfies, installs on almost any Android phone, and even works in 2G.” a statement from Uber reads.

The app is yet to be launched on the App Store but Uber is providing early access to try Uber Lite. Users can get on the list from Uber India’s website and request early access.