Soon! TRAI Allows Mobile Calls, Internet Surfing On Domestic Flights

| January 20 , 2018 , 13:33 IST

Airlines in India will soon offer mobile telephony and internet services on flights. Post the development, Indian airlines will join more than 30 airlines, including British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Virgin Atlantic, that allow passengers to use mobile phones and surf the Internet during a flight.

"It is possible for the passengers to have telecom services in the aircraft travelling at 800 km per hour and 10,000 metres above sea level because of satellite-enabled connectivity. Consumers desire seamless connectivity regardless of their location - whether on land, in the air or on the sea.

“We have allowed both mobile communication on aircraft (MCA) and onboard internet as IFC in Indian airspace. Now it is up to airlines which one of these to offer,” said a Trai official. Most airlines globally offer Wi-Fi on board as allowing mobile calls is seen as “too much of a nuisance” for fellow travellers

These services will only be available when the device is in-flight or aeroplane mode.

"There will be 1 billion passengers journeys on planes (about a quarter of the total) will be on aircraft equipped with in-flight connectivity (IFC). It will be a wonderful service for the traveller as it will help them to use their time productively and be in touch with their near and dear ones but the downside could be the noise level in flight could be increased," Deloitte India, Partner, Hemant Joshi said.