This Is How Power Ministry Wants You To Bring Down Your Electricity Bills By 24%

| June 23 , 2018 , 15:48 IST

The Ministry of Power wants people and establishments to operate air-conditioning units at an optimum temperature of 24-25 degrees. Power Ministry’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has issued an advisory note regarding the same. As per the bureau, an increase in room temperature by mere 1-degree celsius saves about 6 per cent of electricity.

“It is estimated that by an increase in temperature of room by 1-degree C, we can save about 6% of electricity on average. Typically, AC temperature is set between 20-21 0C whereas, as per the recommendations, ideal temperature setting should be 24-25 0C. Considering the change from 21 0C to 25 0C, there is potential to energy savings of about 24% of electricity. By this approach, India can save about 10 billion units of electricity only by adopting simple measures, such as optimizing the temperature setting to 24-25 0C.” the advisory reads

This simple technique is specially recommended to Airports, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Government Offices and Buildings including Ministries offices, Public Sector Undertakings stakeholders, but common households can also adopt this simple strategy to reduce their monthly electricity bill.

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Bureau of Energy Efficiency has been working on implementing various energy programmes to save electricity under Energy Conservation Act 2001, but this initiative seems to be simple and effective.

The proper guidance to AC operating staff will be beneficial to save electricity and reducing the operating cost of big corporate offices.