Tax Payers, Be Ready For Rewards

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| October 9 , 2018 , 12:44 IST

In order to motivate people to pay their taxes, the government is looking to put in place an incentive programme to reward honest taxpayers, media reported on Tuesday.

The programme will be likely to offer a cup of tea with the state governor, priority check-in at the airport, passports on priority, dedicated toll lanes, airport lounge access like some amazing rewards.

According to reports, the government has set up a committee under the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBTD) to draw up the scheme.

In order to draw up the best scheme for taxpayers, the committee will look at reward programmes implemented in different countries.

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The selection of a taxpayer to avail benefits will not be based on the amount of tax paid but on the regularity of filing the returns.

Vikas Vasal, national leader, tax, Grant Thornton India was quoted by ET as saying, “While the focus has been to increase the tax base and revenue collections through various measures like demonetisation, GST, linking of Aadhaar with tax returns etc., there is a need to bridge the trust gap between tax administration and the taxpayer, especially the honest taxpayers who have been contributing to the national development through payment of taxes.”

“Therefore, any scheme to cut down on disputes and litigation, and to acknowledge/reward taxpayers will be a welcome move,” he added.

Previously the income tax department had implemented a scheme called Samman that rewarded taxpayers, but it was discontinued after 2004.