Task Of Connecting 400 Railway Stations With Wi-Fi Complete: Google

| June 7 , 2018 , 16:31 IST

Google India on Thursday announced that it had completed the task of connecting 400 Railway stations in India to free, high-speed wi-fi service. Dibrugarh Junction in Assam is the 400th station that was connected to wi-fi on Thursday.

In 2015, Sunder Pichai and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a project to provide high-speed Wi-Fi in 400 stations across India. The company was supported by partners Indian Railways and RailTel to bring public Wi-Fi to India’s train stations.

The project was further set up globally based on the model that was developed in India. Google station has been launched in Indonesia and Mexico also.

Mumbai Central Railway station was the first Wi-Fi enabled railway station in the country that went live in 2016.

The project has an outstanding potential and has proved to be advantageous for the people. People using Google station are engaged in multiple online sessions, some of them are watching videos, some are chatting with friends. There are now over 8 million people getting online with Google Station every month. On average, people consume 350MB of data per session

The project was widely appreciated recently when the story of a coolie named Srinath became viral. Srinath used to work as a porter by the day and prepare for state civil services in the night at Ernakulam Junction in Cochin, Kerala. He used the free high-speed Wi-Fi to study online materials in preparation for the Kerala Public Service entrance examinations. Srinath aced the exams and his story was all over the internet.