Searching For A Private Sector Job? Keep Your Aadhaar Card Handy

| October 17 , 2017 , 18:00 IST

By means of Aadhaar cards, employers have been able to reduce the week-long process for the verification of potential employees down to less than 15 minutes, a move which saves valuable time and manpower which was earlier required to individually verify each employee. Aadhaar verification has also made the process paperless, as potential employees are not required to submit documents such as those for proof of residence.

One of India's largest private sector employers, contract staffing firm 'Quess' which provides staff to companies that need them, has used the Aadhaar verification for more than 30,000 employees over the past 4 months.

Previously Quess had required 35-40 people solely to conduct the verification process which took weeks, now only 6 people are needed for the process which takes a few minutes by means of Aadhaar cards. The thorough week-long verification process included personal visits to check the addresses and details submitted by the employee. According to Quess, hiring costs can be reduced by almost 60 percent by using Aadhaar verifications.

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Authbridge, a Gurgaon based employee verification company has started helping its clients verify their employees by means of Aadhaar cards as well. A Bengaluru-based verification company BetterPlace is also using Aadhaar based verification for hiring for its clients that include Swiggy, Runnr, Dusters, Guardwell and Housejoy.

"Aadhaar verification is simple enough to be done at scale," says Saurabh Tandon, COO of BetterPlace.

The verification process is crucial as Tandon revealed that often prospective employees use false identities to join work, adding "People even use different ID cards to rejoin the same company."

The cost of employee verification via Aadhaar cards can be as low as Rs 15 per person.