SBI Account Holders On Fraudsters’ Hit List!

| September 3 , 2015 , 17:04 IST
SBIIf you are using an SBI credit card or having a saving account in the same bank, there are possibilities that online fraudsters may target you via phone call. Interestingly in back-to-back incidents, women having SBI accounts have become the soft targets. As SBI never takes any responsibility of any fraud, question remains who is providing theses fraudsters the personal information of customer, which is privy to bank only. How can they map our correct details which otherwise are mentioned in highly confidential personal accounts? Are our details being compromised with fraudsters? If not, then how come these fraudsters are aware about customer’s date of birth, phone numbers and many- time the credit card numbers! There are many victims of these frauds and they are not getting any help from anywhere: Case Number 1: Kaveri Sharma (changed name) was called up by an unknown person who was representing him as a customer care executive of the SBI. The unknown person was having all the basic information about the victim that included her name, date of birth and the phone number registered with her SBI credit card number. After a small conversation in which the fraudster promised her to convert credit points into cash value, the lady revealed the exact CVV numbers along with other secret information. She ended up spending Rs 9,800 and the amount was transferred into a Mobikwik account. Now, if the SBI wants, they can direct a probe and figure out the associated account details of the Mobikwik wallet, but the India’s public sector bank decided to behave rudely when the lady tried to register a complaint against the fraud. “Response from SBI’s customer care I got was worst thing during the entire accident. They misbehaved and refused to help. They said that I am responsible for the fraud,” Kaveri said. Case Number 2: Shikha Rawat (changed name) works at a national Hindi news channel and became target of another such fraudster. The unknown person called her with correct name and account details (interestingly) and asked her to give the necessary card details those are important for any online transaction. This girl refused to give those details and the fraudster disconnected the “call in anger”. The phone number she received call from, since then, is switched off. If you will try to trace them on TrueCaller, have faith, they are not that idiot! They have changed their name as “SBI customer care” or “SBI Credit Card” to deceive people easily. Why SBI is responsible for fraud: Customers were called up on their registered phone numbers by fraudsters and maximum of them are SBI customers. That raises many questions on the account security of the bank account and related information registered with the bank. That mean, the phone and credit card numbers of millions of its customer are in danger as these fraudsters can misuse them. Most important question is why SBI is not taking action against it? If there are loopholes in the security system of the India’s largest bank, SBI should at least behave well with the fraud victims. “If the fraudsters are able to find personal numbers, name along with other important details associated with the bank account, then who else is responsible?” Shikha raised questions on the security of her account.