Rs 21,000 Crore Offset Commission To Reliance Group In Rafale Deal, Alleges Prashant Bhushan

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| September 9 , 2018 , 13:59 IST

In a fresh attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government over Rafale fighter aircraft deal, activist and senior Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan on Saturday alleged that Anil Ambani's Reliance Group got an offset deal of worth Rs 21,000 crore as commission in the deal.

Describing the aircraft deal as a 'scam of unimaginable proportion', Bhushan compared Rafale scam to Bofors scam of Rs 64 crore.

Bhushan was quoted by PTI as saying, "Rafale deal is a scam of unimaginable proportion. Bofors was an Rs. 64-crore scam, with four percent commission, paid in that. In this scam, the commissions are at least 30 percent. The Rs. 21,000 crores given to Anil Ambani is just commission, nothing else."

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Attacking Modi government, Bhushan alleged that Centre has compromised on national security and left the Indian Airforce high and dry to accommodate Reliance Group in the deal.

Commenting on the deal, Anil Ambani had denied all the allegations.

What is the alleged Rafale scam?

In 2012, the UPA government had chosen France from which to purchase the Rafale aircraft over the United States, Europe and Russia. The plan was to purchase 18 off-the-shelf jets from France's Dassault Aviation, with 108 others being assembled in India by the state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in Bengaluru.

In April 2015, the Modi government curved that deal to purchase 36 ready-to-fly aircrafts from Dassault instead of trying to acquire technology from Dassault.

The alleged scam is, at the time of UPA contract the price of a Rafale jet was Rs 526 crore per aircraft but in the NDA contract priced jumped to three times at Rs 1,670 crore per aircraft.