Railways' UDAY Express To Run On Tracks Soon, Here Are The Significant Details

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| February 23 , 2018 , 17:30 IST

In order to cater the business class, Indian Railways is ready to bring the all-new Utkrisht Double Decker Air Conditioned Yatri (UDAY) Express tracks. The specially designed double-decker train will operate on three routes initially - Coimbatore-Bengaluru, Bandra-Jamnagar and Visakhapatnam-Vijayawada.

The Minister of Indian Railways, Piyush Goyal confirmed that the new presentation of Indian Railways is decked up with a number of amenities including Wi-Fi, LCD screens, a dedicated area to enjoy meals, among others. The train will sport a bright colour scheme of yellow, orange and pink with a cheerful vibe surrounding it.

The first UDAY Express train will depart at 5:40 am from Coimbatore and reach Bengaluru at 12:40 pm. It will depart from the Bengaluru-Coimbatore at 2:15 pm for the return journey and reach Coimbatore at 9:00 pm. The double-decker train will also have anti-graffiti vinyl on the exteriors.

While the middle deck for dining is also present in the train, it also includes a special area for passengers to enjoy their meals. The toilets have been modified for making them modular whereas the entertainment and convenience of passengers have also been kept in mind while modifying the train's design.

UDAY Express will also offer the facility of onboard Wi-Fi for passengers' convenience and LCD screens with passenger's information will also be installed on the train. The trains will also have comfortable reclining chairs with adequate leg space. The eco-friendly initiative by Indian government will also have bio-toilets.