Railways official suspended after train wrongly sent to Old Delhi

| March 27 , 2018 , 18:03 IST

The railways on Tuesday suspended a log operator after a New Delhi bound passenger train was sent to Old Delhi Railway Station "mistakenly", an official said.

According to Northern Railway officials, the Panipat-New Delhi and Sonepat-Old Delhi passenger trains arrived at Sadar Bazar railway station at 7.38 a.m.

"While both arrived there at the same time, and due to similarities between actual arrival time, the log operator mistakenly sent the Panipat-New Delhi passenger train to Old Delhi railway station," NR spokesperson Nitin Chowdhary said. 

"The log operator Aslam has been suspended," he said, adding that the train was immediately sent to New Delhi station after realizing the mistake.

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The Incident reported just after a day Union Minister for Railways and Coal Piyush Goyal talked about Artificial Intelligence and Trains with Brains, he said, "Artificial Intelligence (AI) can transform Indian Railways in terms of safety, passenger amenities, better revenues, growth & efficiency." He was addressing the AI Conference in New Delhi.

The Minister said Artificial Intelligence is nothing to be feared or to feel threatened by but to use for our benefit. Harnessing AI for organizational and social good can yield far-reaching benefits to our country and Indian Railways, the Minister emphasized.

He added, "Artificial Intelligence has to be harnessed to find digital innovations for better customer interface and better service delivery. Artificial Intelligence is about creating trains with brains."

With agency reports.